On February 23, the UW Law School hosted an academic forum, or "teach-in," to provide insight into the developments that have followed the introduction of Governor Walker's Budget Repair Bill. A video of the event is available here.

Audience members listen

The event was open to the public and included a moderated panel of six faculty members. Each made a short presentation and responded to written questions from the audience. More than 250 people packed the 150-seat classroom and a nearby overflow room that was supported with a video feed of the discussion.

Will Jones, Professor of History

Heinz Klug of UW Law School chaired the discussion. Panelists included Professor Carin Clauss (Law), Professor Donald Downs (Political Science), Professor Will Jones (History), Professor Andrew Coan (Law), Professor David Cannon (Political Science) and Professor Neill DeClercq (School for Workers, UW Extension).

Carin Clauss, Professor Emerita of Law

If you missed the event, a video is available here.

Audience members listen

Submitted by UW Law News on February 24, 2011

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