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Each year, UW–Madison honors university staff members for their outstanding dedication and commitment to excellence.

The following Law School employees received 2021 University Staff Recognition Awards at the June University Staff Congress meeting.

Karma Bhutia, Custodian

The UW Law School did not receive one student complaint about the building’s cleanliness during the last academic year, when cleanliness gained an elevated importance.

Bhutia quietly and efficiently goes about her job, keeping the Law School a safe and clean environment for the students and staff who occupied the building.

Adam Bushcott, University Services Program Associate

Although Bushcott’s regular duties involve a variety of administrative tasks and public-facing duties, he volunteered for, and excelled in, a new role needed because of the pandemic and the unexpected retirement of a professor. His work was instrumental in saving an essential course that 40 law students needed for graduation. Bushcott was instrumental in helping to translate this difficult course to a workable online format, took the lead in building layers of Zoom meeting links, assignments and readings into an online Canvas course, and also sat in on classes four days per week all semester to trouble-shoot any issues encountered.

Jay Tucker, Library Services Assistant Advanced

In the early days of the pandemic, Tucker worked from home, updating spreadsheets and procedure manuals. Although he could have continued to do so, he was worried about a backlog of work piling up and staff not being able to access parts of the collection, so he asked for permission to work on site. Since Tucker was one of few staff allowed in the building, he volunteered to assist with other essential on-site duties at the Law School, including receiving and delivering mail to the school’s active legal clinics. Tucker researched and suggested safe classroom designs and assisted with measuring rooms to ensure a 6-foot distance between chairs.

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