We are delighted to announce that Wisconsin Innocence Project (WIP) client Mario Victoria Vasquez was released from a Wisconsin jail after serving nearly 17 years for child sexual assault. Vasquez's conviction was vacated after the prosecutor stipulated to a new trial and the court vacated the conviction on 1/30/15.The conviction was set aside on the basis of powerful new evidence of innocence, including new evidence that another man was likely the perpetrator of the sexual assault on the pre-school-aged victim. Vasquez made bail on 1/30/15 and on 2/11/15 the State dismissed the charge and stated it would not retry the case.

Congratulations to WIP attorneys Cristina Borde, Carrie Sperling, and Steve Wright, and law students Catie White, Karl Anderson, Curtis Hinca, Zoe Everett, Mel Barnes, Laura Davis, Brett Dobbs, and many other WIP students who worked on his case throughout the years. They were able to overturn the conviction without the benefit of DNA.

Submitted by Paisley Hoffman on February 12, 2015

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