headshot of Walker KahnThird year student Walker Kahn received a National Science Foundation (NSF) Law and Science Dissertation Grant for his work on mortgage foreclosures which identifies mortgage foreclosure litigation as a nexus connecting the growing power of the finance sector to inequalities and precarity experienced by families and individuals.

Kahn's work was recognized as having the potential to re-orient policy discussions and public discourse away from the question of whether blame should be pinned on the "reckless" behavior of financial firms or debtors, and toward the explicit legal disempowerment of debtors caused, in part, by the effects of financialization on legal disputes.

The Law and Science Dissertation Grant program provides financial support for graduate students in diverse law-and-science disciplines to conduct their doctoral dissertation research. The program is funded by an award from the Law and Science program at the National Science Foundation to Arizona State University.

Submitted by Law School News on September 30, 2021

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