Do you find searching the web with google frustrating?  Have you entered keywords and received off target hits, ads at the top of the list, and links to unreliable sources that you don't have time to scroll through? 

Are you searching for scholarly articles but missing them among the clutter? I have two google tips to make your search on google better AND it includes using a citator on google scholar for those articles. 

First tip: Library Links

In google scholar, you can narrow your search to specific instituitions by selecting Settings, then scrolling to, library links, to search in up to five institutions of your choice.  If you are on campus, google scholar automatically uses your location to search in the UW-campus libraries system, linking you to full-text articles. You may have already used google scholar for this purpose. 

But you can also search additional university libraries: For example, Harvard or University of Michigan or Oxford, to search for what is available in their libraries. 

Unfortunately, unlike a UW-campus search, you will not receive links to the full-text of an article from other institutions, but you can order a copy of the article using the Law Library's Document Delivery service

Here's how to set library links:

Go to Google Scholar,

1.  Select Settings - Find the three lines at the top of the left-hand side of the screen, select, and this will pull up settings. 

2.  From the drop-down list, select Library links

3.  Type the full name of your institution into the pop-up menu box, and check the boxes below that have your library's name

4.  Select save

Once set, google scholar will only search within those institution's libraries.  

Second tip: Google Button Browser Extention 

When on the web, set google button as a browser extention on Chrome or FireFox. 

1.  Select settings 

2. Select google button

3. Follow the directions to add google button as an extension to your browser

4. After a search on google, select the google button extention and a pop-up will list articles and will include a link through a Find it at the UW button to the UW library catalog.  It will also have the cite and cited by features from google scholar included in the pop-up box.  

Using these two google tips should make your research on google just a little bit easier to navigate.

Submitted by Jenny Zook, Reference Librarian on December 6, 2021

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